Giving Tuesday
 John PerksI am writing to you the most urgent and vulnerable letter I have ever written in the history of my ministry. I realize that our inboxes get flooded with a lot of appeals (especially around this season), but I need you to know right from the beginning that this isn’t just another appeal or another request.

I have made it my life's mission to strengthen the church and remember the poor. This includes building orphanages, schools, and clinics, all with the aim of rescuing and reaching children at risk to become heroes of tomorrow. We have made it our passion to rescue children out of trafficking, whether that be soldiers in Burma, girls in the Philippines, or child prostitutes in Kenya. While we have done all of this, we have also traveled city by city almost every weekend of the year, strengthening the body of Christ. We have seen physical, emotional, and financial miracles in every city we have gone to. People have been encouraged, challenged, and provoked by the spirit-filled charismatic speakers we have brought into many cities, perhaps even yours.

While we have done all of these events and ministry to the poor, we have, without question, seen God’s provision for our ministry and causes. God, through using people like you, has never let us down. We have been most blessed to have amazing partners, businesses, and grandmothers who have given unto the Lord and have been blessed in doing so.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because now, more than ever before in our ministry, we need your help. Earlier this month, I was requested by my medical physician to take an immediate four week leave of absence due to stress and heart complications. As many of you know, I am still believing and waiting on my miracle for my heart. This course of action from the Doctors and Board of Directors has cancelled my entire schedule for the month of November and most of December. This is historically when God has blessed us, through people like you, with our largest amounts of donations and partnerships for our projects. For the rest of this year, we have cancelled almost all of our initiatives, events, and campaigns. I cannot travel and keep up the schedule that I once did, and so I need your help.

I need your help with your prayers for my family and I, for my health, and for our ministry. We believe we are called Breakthrough Ministries for a reason, and that God is faithful.
I am also asking you to make a sacrificial faith gift into our ministry to help us in this season. We aren’t asking you for a project this time, or for a children’s home. This time, I am asking you to support us, our ministry. For the mother. For if we cannot feed the mother, the babies cannot eat. God is our source, and often He uses everyday people, with everyday dollars, to help us make an everyday difference.In the history of our ministry, we have never asked for support of our own organization. We have always asked for a project or special needs, but today we need your help. We need your support, and we need it immediately.

God is our source, and this is true whether you decide to click that button below or not. But I know the joy of sowing and reaping, and I know that this ministry is good ground with a lot more work to happen and more souls to win. If you decide not to give today, we will be fine. We will make it through this tight season, and we will still pray and love you. But if our ministry has impacted you and you have believed in what we do, then today is the day to help us. God has us, and we know that He uses people like you and businesses like yours to support the ongoing work at Breakthrough and Be A Hero/Eyes & Wings.

To our partners, thank you for your consistent giving. You are the backbone of this ministry. I understand that some of you don’t feel secure in giving online, even though we have a secure giving system. We have ministry representatives available who will gratefully accept your donations over the phone. Please call us Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5pm, and Friday 9am to 4pm at 1-888-738-4832. Please click the button today.

I look forward to giving you a weekly update through this process.

Breaking Through,
John Perks